The farce of society and religion

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‘Life is not fair.’

I have often heard this phrase from people around me. Growing up in a conservative society and being queer, I can relate to that. Our society has long discriminated against a minority group due to our privilege of being able-bodied. This minority group has been in the shadows till they started speaking up for themselves. They have faced the abled society’s ignorance, apathy, and callousness for a long time. They are the disabled community. Have we ever thought about their plight? …

Society’s selective quoting of science and the injustices among them

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In a conservative society, often married couples are haunted by a question:

‘No kids yet? Isn’t it time for you to have children?’

From one’s parents to family, from neighbors to the whole neighborhood would haunt with that question once a year gets over after your marriage. It's like they are getting irritated by you not having children and they have taken up to themselves to make sure that you have children. Forcing someone to have sex without his or her consent is rape. …

Thank You for writing this article!

I too had been a victim of these consumerist lies. During my teenage years, six pack abs with big muscular hands was a boy's fantasy. I starved myself for achieving the look and got diagnosed with ulcer due to erratic eating habits. After 10 years, when I look back, I wish that I had eaten more. I have strong reason to believe that my short stature (5 foot 5 inch) is because of my erratic eating and starvation during the critical years of one's physical growth.

Years have gone by, nothing can be done…

Macho Indian Men! swinging in the cradle of patriarchy;

doesn't realize the privilege they enjoy;

stereotyping feminists and say they are pro-woman;

Even if realized, who would want to break away from a system that privileges them!

The case of Feminist and LGBTQIA+ Movements being part of a larger Movement

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Imagine you are from a religiously conservative family and one day you get bullied for being too feminine. You fall into a downward spiral of depression. You can’t tell your mother as you have never been close to her. You being born a male has created a barrier for your relationship with her. You can’t tell your father as he fears his disappointment with his son. No, he won’t get angry. At the maximum, he would ask his son to man-up. This is because his father would be consumed by shame, not by anger. …

An Analysis of reasons behind the Caste system and how does it stack up with Class and Racism

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Privilege is comparative but not invisible. Discrimination is a reality. Every human one way or the other might have faced discrimination. A brown-skinned individual might have faced discrimination from fair-skinned individuals. A Black person might have faced discrimination from brown-skinned individuals. As the example suggests, even in color-based racism or colorism the discrimination can be comparative.

The Majoritarian societal notion of an area plays a critical role in molding discriminatory assumptions. This then becomes oppressive when politics or religion gets mixed up with prejudices. Racism is comparatively easier to discern based on skin color while casteism is hard to discern…

The art of Film-making has been used as a weapon for propaganda

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For the last two years, I have been trying to see the award-winning, critically acclaimed American Movie, Forrest Gump. It was exactly its critical acclaim that attracted me to the movie in the first place. When I finally saw the movie I found it to be entertaining because of its humor. However, after the movie, I realized that its concept is not as palatable as its entertainment or critical acclaim value.

After comparing it with some Indian films, I found similitude between the two forms of supremacism. One that is practiced in the US. …

My understanding after reading through the writings of some rationalists

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Recently one of my WhatsApp contacts texted asking me to join a group in which there would be a weekly speech by one prominent religious figure. He said that he is sending the invitation to me because the religious figure was also once an ‘agnostic’. Presumably, he considers me to be one also. What does being an ‘agnostic’ mean?

A simple google search would make us understand it refers to a person who believes that at present there’s nothing has been proven of a divine being’s existence. It also means that nothing can be proven of a divine being’s existence.

India’s farmers and corporate greed

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As of 5th December 2021, the farmer protests have been ongoing in India’s capital, New Delhi, for over 40 days. Braving the chilling cold of winter months, the farmers have shown the fortitude to agitate and not fall prey to the vile politics of ultra-right. Recent days saw farmers starting a campaign to boycott the JIO telecom services and Reliance industry products. The Farmers seem to have realized the fact that the strings behind their hardships are pulled by the ruling regime from the front and the corporate big houses from the back. …

Why is the RSS-BJP on an appropriation spree?

Dr. B. R. Ambedkar delivering a speech. Image from Public Domain Wikimedia Commons

In 1920, K. B. Hedgewar formed the organization Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) inspired by V. D. Savarkar’s exclusionary ideology called Hindutva. It means ‘National Self-Protection Organization’. Later the second generation RSS leader — M.S. Golwalker, wrote in his book ‘Bunch of Thoughts’ that Muslims, Christians, and Communists as greater internal threats than external ones.

The organization’s activities followed a pattern of causing divisions and infusing hatred among Indian communities on communal lines explicitly. They implicitly championed caste-based oppression and took it as a mission. Golwalker was articulate about his defense of the caste system as it had ‘united and organized…

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