So rationalists are immoral they say

After I became an irreligious rationalist from an Islamic conservative, one of the most repeated statements about me in my Islamic society are,

  1. 'Now that he has no God and religion, he can indulge in whatever nefarious acts he wants.’
  2. ‘It is better that you don't have children because your…

Science-fiction or psychological thriller or both?

The author writes down a film or piece of any art, such as poems, and their interpretation belongs to the author and the audience. After it gets watched or read, their understanding belongs to the individual filmgoer or reader also. This aspect is something all of us should remember.



The 17th day of the lockdown in the world’s largest democracy was hot. I saw an article about Boris Johnson getting recovered from COVID-19 in The Hindu daily. Yesterday, I called my grandmother. She is a sexagenarian who is against smartphones. When asked why she wouldn’t change her old Nokia…

Death and the usage of patriarchy by religion.

Death is an inevitable event. Everything that has life will die one day. When I write this, I might not be alive to see this getting published tomorrow. Death is sorrow and tragedy for many and salvation for a few. …

Sophia Nynnat

Ambedkarite-Periyarist. Subscribe to my newsletter for Multilingual movie analysis:

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