Thank You for writing this article!

I too had been a victim of these consumerist lies. During my teenage years, six pack abs with big muscular hands was a boy's fantasy. I starved myself for achieving the look and got diagnosed with ulcer due to erratic eating habits. After 10 years, when I look back, I wish that I had eaten more. I have strong reason to believe that my short stature (5 foot 5 inch) is because of my erratic eating and starvation during the critical years of one's physical growth.

Years have gone by, nothing can be done now. I certainly hope that young boys and girls doesn't fall prey to such absurd claims. The crony corporate capitalists just wants money and they will do anything for it.

Thanks again for the insightful article! Young boys and girls please read this article so that you won't end up like me.

Ambedkarite-Periyarist. Find me at:

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